A positive spin to having a mental block

So, you’re going along and plugging away at all the things you want or have to do and things are going well, right? Then suddenly it’s like you’ve hit a wall and CRASH… The next thing you know, things start to fall apart and you find yourself wondering: when am I ever going to catch a break? I am all too familiar with this cycle. Who’s with me? You know, when you find yourself going from: “yessss” to “seriously??” in record time.

Here’ the thing: I started to feel good about the obstacles I was encountering because I thought of it as a test of will to see how much I really wanted something. The more things came at me, the more I pushed through, because I know it wasn’t a lasting thing. So when it feels like nothing is going according to plan, you don’t have to think of it as the end. Much like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, you just have to keep at it until you can see and appreciate the bigger picture.

Sometimes things have to fall apart for everything to fall into place the way it is meant to.

It is never the end, but just a fresh start or an opportunity to take a step back and reevaluate life and your priorities. Sometimes things don’t happen because the timing isn’t right or you’re not ready for the blessing or gift you’re hoping for. You may have some more work to do before you can receive your reward. The thing is, if you can dream and believe it, you can make it happen. Yes, that is as cliche as it comes, but very true. If you can’t let go of achieving a goal – that means everything – but just because you want it to happen doesn’t mean that it will happen when you want it to.

Like every masterpiece, things take time. So even if it feels like you can’t catch a break, you can and will find a way to keep it together because it’ll be worth it.


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