The benefits of hiring a Coach.

As a Coach, I can gladly share the many benefits of working with me (or just point you in the direction of what clients are saying). This time, however, I am coming from the vantage point of a client and sharing my success story after hiring my own Business Coach, Claudine Pereira aka The Pink Coach.

Have you been considering whether or not it’s time to hire a coach? The fact that you’re thinking about it is a very good indication that you just might be ready to make the investment in yourself. If you were weighing the pros and cons (what are those?) of what a coach can do for you, I have shortlisted to 10 reasons:

  1. A Coach will help to sort out your thoughts – you have SO many ideas, but which one should you focus on now and then next? What can wait? Why should it? What’s a “shiny object”?A Coach helps to determine that.
  2. A Coach will make sense of even the smallest bit of information. Something that may seem insignificant to you, a coach will find a way to make a spin and show that every single thing matters.
  3. A Coach will hold you accountable – when you set a goal, they ensure that you’re working on it by keeping you on track. When you encounter an obstacle, you work through it together.
  4. A Coach will celebrate the smallest win with you. The little things add up, and your Coach will be there to cheer you on.
  5. A Coach is a dose of reality. It’s a guarantee that your Coach has experienced whatever you’re going through; so when they reassure you, it’s because they understand how you feel.
  6. A good Coach becomes that friend that everyone needs. Sometimes you may need to reel it in a bit; a Coach goes on the journey with you because they really, really care.
  7. A Coach is a reminder that you are not alone. Some experiences can feel lonely, because you feel isolated as you go through it. While this is almost never the case, it is still how we can feel. While a Coach becomes a friend, it’s in every sense of the word. If you feel like you have no one else to turn to, your Coach becomes a good sounding board.
  8. Having a Coach will make you feel heard. Sometimes you may Stray off-topic from why you hired the Coach, but that’s okay. This is meant to be a part of your journey; if you have to spend a few minutes (or an entire session) venting or crying, then so be it!
  9. A Coach does not judge. No matter how much you have progressed or regressed, you will never be made to feel guilty because of it… But be prepared to dive deeper!
  10. A Coach remains objective. Although they will become a good friend, you hired them for a reason and we will always honour that. If you don’t want to do something, or decide to do something differently – that is your decision and always will be. A good Coach will go through the ropes with you to help you feel more sure of your decision.

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