Focus… On the right thing.

“Does this bring me JOY?” “Am I HAPPY with the results?” There are many ways that we can define FOCUS. You may be getting/seeing results, but is that ALL that matters? How does it EEL to get these Results? Are they aligned with your Values? Did you have a SOLID … Read More

Are you a “WANTrepreneur”?

Ahhhhh good ole Entrepreneurship. There are LEVELS to becoming your own Boss and it’s a wonderful feeling being able to say that you are. It’s more than having a great idea and the time to commit to it though; it’s also about Patience, Resilience, having the right Mindset and Support. … Read More

Why do you feel like a Failure, exactly?

“I’M NOT DOING ENOUGH!” “MY TO-DO LIST IS SO LONG!” “THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BY NOW!” “I FEEL SO LAZY!” If you’ve caught yourself saying any one of these phrases (or some variation), I totally understand. I’ve caught myself too. What defines “enough”, and why do you feel like … Read More