Put a little Love in your… Mind

Heart-Shaped stone at Mt Irvine Beach, Tobago

What’s your immediate reaction when you can’t process your thoughts the way you desired, or you fall short on your results? I’m guessing that you get really hard on yourself and – even worse – compare yourself to someone else who seems to have it “all put together”. It’s easy to fall into this trap as a new Entrepreneur especially when it seems like people are flaunting their successes, right?

Here are 10 Tips to help you go easier on yourself:

  1. Honour your Emotions. How you feel is important – always. Chances are you’ll have this experience again, so acknowledging how you feel will help you work through it faster.
  2. Give yourself Permission. Say it with me: it is OKAY to not have everything in place. Say it out loud and then again in then once more in the mirror. Repeat as necessary.
  3. Apologize to yourself. You are being REALLY hard on yourself when you should be going through the motions – and emotions. You’re stuck with yourself, so work on bettering the inner dialogue. For every time that you have a negative thought, apologize to yourself.
  4. Re-evaluate the situation. What’s really going on? Did you set the right goals based on what YOU want for your Business, or what you THINK you should want for your Business? Are you happy with the results you’re getting?
  5. Get Real about the process. Yes, you have a great Business idea, but it’s going to take more than a great idea to make it a success. Many times it will feel like you’ve taken 3 steps forward and 5 steps back. There are, however, no shortcuts.
  6. Ask for help. Can you do it alone? Sure! Should you? Being your own boss can oftentimes get quite lonely and aggravating. Ask for help and support – be it a coach, mentor or fellow Business owner.
  7. Be okay with the Journey. Starting your own Business is just that- a journey – and depending on how far you’d like to go, it can be long. It all looks and sounds great, but you have some serious work ahead of you.
  8. Try something different. Are you open to change? To adapting to where you are in the journey? If one idea doesn’t play out the way you’d hoped, are you ready and willing to try something different?
  9. Commit to your Success. In other words – be patient! As cliche as it sounds, hard work really does pay off. If you’re in it for the long haul, the results will come but it requires a tremendous amount of patience.
  10. Picture the ideal outcome. Why did you start your Business? What did you envision for yourself? Who else is going to benefit from your success? How would it feel to have that? Picture – write down, even – the ideal outcome and relish that feeling. It’s coming!

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