The benefits of hiring a Coach.

As a Coach, I can gladly share the many benefits of working with me (or just point you in the direction of what clients are saying). This time, however, I am coming from the vantage point of a client and sharing my success story after hiring my own Business Coach, … Read More

A simple strategy to work through an uncertain time.

Dealing with uncertainty

Uncertainty breeds fear. Emotions are running high, and so is the uncertainty that accompanies living through a pandemic. So what’s worse than dealing with the uncertainty that can come when starting a Business? Working on a Business during an uncertain time. As we work through this very uncertain time, it … Read More

Put a little Love in your… Mind

Heart-Shaped stone at Mt Irvine Beach, Tobago

What’s your immediate reaction when you can’t process your thoughts the way you desired, or you fall short on your results? I’m guessing that you get really hard on yourself and – even worse – compare yourself to someone else who seems to have it “all put together”. It’s easy … Read More

When you Believe, you Receive?

You hear it all the time – if you want something badly enough, you will make it happen. Do you believe that to be true? I do, and here’s why: it all starts from a belief that you are deserving of whatever it is that you’re after. And of course, … Read More

A positive spin to having a mental block

So, you’re going along and plugging away at all the things you want or have to do and things are going well, right? Then suddenly it’s like you’ve hit a wall and CRASH… The next thing you know, things start to fall apart and you find yourself wondering: when am … Read More

When is the “right” time?

When you say that you’re waiting “for the right time”, what exactly does that even mean? Is your reason valid, or are you hiding behind yet another excuse? And by excuse, I really mean fear being masked by a long list of “not-right-nows“. There’s no time to wait for the … Read More