The real measure of your Success

What are you waiting for? (Here it comes)“I’m not ready to start”(Ahhhh, there it is). So, what is this GRAND SCHEME that STARTING looks like to you? Why do you believe that you need to have all of your ducks in a row, when half of them haven’t even hatched … Read More

Focus… On the right thing.

“Does this bring me JOY?” “Am I HAPPY with the results?” There are many ways that we can define FOCUS. You may be getting/seeing results, but is that ALL that matters? How does it EEL to get these Results? Are they aligned with your Values? Did you have a SOLID … Read More

Is it Fear or are you just Unclear?

Did you wrap another week at the “grind to 5” feeling stuck and frustrated? You found yourself asking: “Why am I STILL here?” You may think that it’s FEAR holding you back from trying/doing something new, but the reality is that you might just be UNCLEAR on how, even where, … Read More

Are you a “WANTrepreneur”?

Ahhhhh good ole Entrepreneurship. There are LEVELS to becoming your own Boss and it’s a wonderful feeling being able to say that you are. It’s more than having a great idea and the time to commit to it though; it’s also about Patience, Resilience, having the right Mindset and Support. … Read More

The difference between REASONS & EXCUSES

Sometimes it feels like SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, doesn’t it? You feel like you can’t keep up, BUT if you don’t get to something that someone else will. What about when you think that you have MORE time? Here’s the thing: there will always someone who seems to be MORE … Read More

Getting up = Showing up.

You may be faced with challenges on a daily basis, and you deal with them to the best of your ability. That isn’t you trying, that’s you doing. In other words, pay attention to the words you’re using to describe your effort. Here are 5 reminders to help you to … Read More