Are you a “WANTrepreneur”?

Ahhhhh good ole Entrepreneurship.

There are LEVELS to becoming your own Boss and it’s a wonderful feeling being able to say that you are. It’s more than having a great idea and the time to commit to it though; it’s also about Patience, Resilience, having the right Mindset and Support.

If you have started a passion project and you aren’t getting results within your anticipated timeframe, what do you do next? Do you keeping pushing or take a step back? The self-doubt creeps in because no one is noticing you and you don’t have any clients or customers, and YOU’RE NOT MAKING ANY MONEY! And then you find yourself asking: “Should I be doing this?”, “Am I doing the right thing?” or “What if this isn’t what I’m supposed to do?”. It sounds like you’re starting to realize that the journey is a LOT harder than most of us make it out to be.

So you WANT to be an Entrepreneur?

It isn’t for everyone AND THAT’S OKAY. Simply put, we can’t have everything that we want, and wanting to be an Entrepreneur isn’t enough without putting in ALL the WORK that is involved/necessary. And by work, I mean the work on yourself.

Are you MEANT to be an Entrepreneur?

While it is important to try, it’s also important that you come to terms with the fact that this just might not be for you. There are so many lessons that can be learned in/on the journey however. You can learn a lot about your core values and the skills that make you the BEST at what you’re passionate about? This could also lead to attracting a Career that gives you a sense of purpose without feeling you’re in the “grind to 5”.

When (yes, WHEN) you get de-motivated in your new Business, what are you asking yourself?

  • Is this what I should be doing? What if it isn’t? (WANTrepreneur language).
  • How badly do I want this? What do I NEED to do next? (MEANTrepreneur language).

What language do you speak?

Here are some questions that you can ask as you go through the Process:

  • Why did you decide to pursue Entrepreneurship?
  • Why did you believe that you could do it?
  • Why did you follow through on doing it?
  • What was the first thing that you did?
  • When did the doubt start to manifest?
  • When did the doubt turn to fear?
  • How many times did you try?
  • How many ideas did you follow through with?
  • How much time do you commit to it?
  • How easy/hard is it to ask for help?
  • When do think that enough is enough?
  • What made you start to ask all these questions IN THE FIRST PLACE?

The last question is an important one that should be asked at every single turn. It isn’t about feeling guilty because you can’t or don’t answer it… But can you even ask it in the first place?

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