Christen James

Christen N. James | Mindset & Transition Coach

Taking your Mindset

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Do any of these sound like you?

 Recently laid off, and trying to navigate the stages of loss.
 Trying to balance your “9-5” job with a side hustle.
A New Solopreneur spinning your wheels on how to prioritize.

And you:
feel underwhelmed, afraid, confused, stuck, demotivated, full of doubt, overwhelmed or maybe even… all of the above.
 want… no, NEED… to work on your Mindset to move Strategically to the next – make that BESTstage of your Life?

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CJ’s Story

ep, to most I am known simply as “CJ” – the Tobago-born yogi who loves bright colours (especially purple) and has a knack for finding a positive in just about any situation.

After obtaining my BA in Psychology and a Certificate in Solution-Focused Therapy, I entered the corporate world and worked my way up to a leadership role, where I really enjoyed being able to  coach my team on their professional development. Each person confidently applied their newly-discovered skills to take on more fulfilling roles in their careers, while living balanced personal lives. After receiving news of a pending lay off, my role shifted as I supported a team of 9 through a very, very difficult time. I was so proud when each had found a new role! I then returned to school to start my own transition and became a Certified Life Coach, and immediately decided that I was going to support clients through challenging professional transitions. This includes understanding the impact that Mindset has on our personal development and ultimately – our Professional growth.

“Coaching with CJ” means that you will: find your Urgency; honour your emotions,  work on your Mindset to identify: mental blocks, limiting beliefs and other obstacles, overcome feeling overwhelmed, goal-setting, create action plans, accountability, prioritize, stay positive during challenges, get strategic and so much more!

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Connect with CJ

How CJ can help You

Together we will work on:
– a simple way to honour your emotions during challenges.
– Your Mindset to identify limiting beliefs and mental blocks.
– Transferrable skills, Objectives and how to apply them.
– Building the Online presence that truly represents YOU.
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Coaching | Speaking | Workshops

The Emotion into Motion Model helps you to understand the Impact of your Emotions on your Mindset and ultimately how you show up professionally.

Private & Group Programs

 Set realistic goals and create action-driven plans with accountability.
– Make sense of 
objectives by identifying core Values.
– Eliminate the stress from isolation and strategically manage your time through easy steps

Keynote Speaker

– I provide tips and insight to help the group to shift their Mindset from Employee to Entrepreneur.
– Attendees will learn about honouring emotions to eliminate negative self-talk.
– I provide guidance on how to best accomplish effective Goal-Getting.
– I share easy tools for an effective exit Strategy.

Signature Workshops

 – Intimate & Interactive
– Last up to 3 hours
– Presented on-site for small groups or teams, as well as Online.
– Topics include: 
Goal-setting and Mindset.

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Appeared as a Speaker


T'kehya P-Cupid

Kennelyn Mercado

“CJ is so easy to talk to. She has a style where she doesn’t make you feel bad if it’s been a slower month in your business. She’s very uplifting and motivating and you can tell she truly wants you to succeed. She works with your schedule and is very understanding of individual situations… I’m so thankful to have met CJ by chance as she helps me navigate my budding business endeavour.”


Jennifer McLennan

Kim Gervais

“I was fortunate enough to have CJ as a keynote speaker at my event. She facilitated a session filled with valuable content including real time examples. My audience was kept engaged and the numerous strategies CJ detailed were well received. She is an expert in her field and I would highly recommend her as a professional speaker..”

Stephanie Stone

Joanne Dominico

“I had been following CJ on IG for a while and always loved hearing her tips and one day finally decided to connect with her. Not only was I blown away by her knowledge and experience, but she was super easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable immediately. I would highly recommend taking the step like I did, to just make that first call and see how her services can help you too!”

Ashley Sealy

Shelagh Cummins

“CJ is a game changer for women in business. Her ability to support and guide women through transitions is like none other. She was an expert guest on an interview series and her session was profound, thought-provoking and impactful. An amazing woman and coach.”

Online Support

YCC Online PDP
Clarity for Growth Program

This is a 4-month Group Coaching Program designed to help passionate young Black womxn who desire CLARITY to attract the Career aligned with their Values. This is for YOU if:
– You can’t decide how to make a powerful and impactful Career upgrade.
– You feel demotivated – like you haven’t found what you’re passionate about.

  • Self-Work & Reflection

    Topics include: Mindset, Identifying Core Values & Action Plans.

  • Exclusive video content

    Find the drive to set goals that match your passion.

Be a part of a community in an intimate group of young womxn with similar desires.
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Peer-to-Peer mentoring and support  (facilitated by me) in a small group, from the comfort of your home!
– Ongoing support & accountability via weekly video calls, check-ins plus monthly private Coaching.
– Results-driven resources to encourage your Personal development and enhance your Professional growth.

  • From Planning to Execution

    Actionable steps to get results that reflect your effort.

  • Group Coaching

    Tips, feedback and insight on managing MINDSET and Strategy.

Join other like-minded individuals  READY for Business GROWTH!

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Hang In with CJ Community.

Are you looking for a safe space to join candid conversations about the challenges that you face as you navigate Life during an uncertain time?
– Do you want to feel LESS ALONE in “this thing we call Life”? It can be done through authentic relationship-building.

  • Daily Topics

    Topics vary from Mindset, Personal Development, life & current affairs, and even humour.

  • Mindful Moment

    LIVE every week, I share tips and insight using my own spin from my favourite books, quotes and resources.

You’re trying to feel like yourself while the world forces you into a box.
Does this sound like YOU?
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