Who do you turn to?

If the thought of asking for help makes you shudder – don’t worry – I totally get it. If you view it as a weakness to have to reach out to someone else and utter the little words: ‘I need your help’, then this article is for you.

So you were raised to be strong, and more importantly, independent right? Yeah – me too. So I’m guessing that you feel like you should be able to figure it out on your own because you can “do bad all by yourself”? Don’t I know it! Asking for help? Psssshhhh ain’t nobody got time to be weak.

Have you ever considered how much courage it takes to ask for help?

I’ve learned that there are some things that you simply won’t know until you do some research or just bite the bullet and reach out to someone. Not to mention the amount of time, headache and especially heartache you could save yourself if you were to just ask. But is it really a weakness if you’re seeking some guidance to develop a skill that could ultimately lead to you improving yourself? So, is it worth your valuable time and energy to stay in the “I don’t need help” mindset and risk unnecessary delay?

Pride is fulfilling, yes, but don’t let it stand in the way of your greatness. As you take the many steps to the top, chances are that you’re also going to stumble. But if you can simply ask for help there is most likely someone who is there to do so; however they won’t know if you’re determined to make it seem like you have it all together. Plus once you muster up the strength and courage, it wouldn’t even feel like you’re “swallowing your pride”. Because after all, it takes a lot of strength to admit to something you view as a “weakness”. Asking for help doesn’t look so bad now, does it?

So, who do you turn to?

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