When you Believe, you Receive

You hear it all the time – if you want something bad enough, you will make it happen. This will come from a belief that you are deserving of whatever it is that you’re after. And of course, a belief in yourself – your worth and capability.

But what does it really mean to believe and receive? Do you just sit at home and wait for things to manifest? Well, no. Here’s the thing; we can always say that we want something, right? But it’s not until you start believing that you deserve that thing, that you start taking certain actions towards acquiring¬†it. When you believe, you work to achieve and then before you know it you’re manifesting¬†and you receive!

So let’s go through it again: you say you want something, think about why you want it. You start to believe that you can and will get that thing, think about what actions you can take. You start to see things come into fruition because of your beliefs and actions, you have that thing!

So believing and receiving takes action, because if you believe – you will achieve and receive.