A positive spin to having a mental block

So, you’re going along and plugging away at all the things you want or have to do and things are going well, right? Then suddenly it’s like you’ve hit a wall and CRASH… The next thing you know, things start to fall apart and you find yourself wondering: when am … Read More

Who do you turn to?

If the thought of asking for help makes you shudder – don’t worry – I totally get it. If you view it as a weakness to have to reach out to someone else and utter the little words: ‘I need your help’, then this article is for you. So you … Read More

When is the “right” time?

When you say that you’re waiting “for the right time”, what exactly does that even mean? Is your reason valid, or are you hiding behind yet another excuse? And by excuse, I really mean fear being masked by a long list of “not-right-nows“. There’s no time to wait for the … Read More

How badly do you want it?

When you say that you want to achieve a goal, what stops you from even starting? The whole point of a goal is to have something to work towards, be it big or small. We set goals for various reasons, and some of them are easier to achieve than others. … Read More

Who’s really in control?

Set an intention for your day. How many times have we heard that? The thing is that even though you may not have something particular in mind (let’s face it, sometimes you just want to get through the day or make it to the weekend), your intention can be very … Read More