Is it getting crowded in here?

How would you describe your “tribe”?

Does it consist of friends that you see only a handful of times and when you do it feels like no time has passed? Or perhaps they’re the ones that you spend so much time with that it’s starting to feel like you’re meshing into one person? How about the ones that you’ve just met and somehow can’t remember not knowing them?

No matter what your tribe looks like, one thing should be consistent: the kind of love and support they show you and vice versa.

I’ve heard many people lament about “knowing who their friends are” when they started their own projects, but here’s the thing: not everyone will be in your corner. And do you really need it to be that crowded? Following your heart and finding your way includes losing a few people along the way. But why worry about that? For every one person who has gone MIA, there are probably 2 or 3 people who are there to celebrate with you and willing to show up. And let’s keep it real, sometimes all you need is just one person to believe you.

So how much does it really matter if you’ve lost a few people along the way? Does that impact what you’ve set out to do? Are you going to stop because one or two folks have let you down? Who did you start for, them? Didn’t think so. Is that taking energy and attention away from the ones who remain in your corner?

You don’t have to worry about who’s not there, just focus on who is!

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