How much are you worth?

It starts with you.

Do you know your worth? How do you treat yourself, and more so speak to yourself? We are not to expect others to treat and speak to us in a certain manner, if we’re not doing it ourselves. When you see your own value and hold yourself at high regard, others will see that and respect that.

So if you’re offering a product or service, why agree to someone’s request to discount it? That would be like discounting how much you are worth. How? You put time, energy, and LOVE into something that you do, so the effort and results are a reflection of yourself. So when you attach a price to it, you are pretty much saying: “this is what I think of myself”. But once you start to take away from that, you may do more harm than good for not only how others view you but mostly your self-image. The next thing you know, you are questioning your worth. We can’t have that!

When you can stay true to yourself by acknowledging and staying true to your worth, others will follow suit. And once they respect you the way that you respect yourself, there will be no request for a discount. If they believe that something is worth it, they will have no issues with the cost. In other words, they will have no issues with you. So again I ask – how much are you worth?

Know your worth, show your worth, let it flow and watch it grow.

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