How badly do you want it?

When you say that you want to achieve a goal, what stops you from even starting?

The whole point of a goal is to have something to work towards, be it big or small. We set goals for various reasons, and some of them are easier to achieve than others. When we don’t get something done, it is easy to blame the inaction on fear, as it truly can be a setback.

However, if you really want [to achieve] something and then do nothing, at some point you would have to ask yourself: how badly do I really want this? If you believe that you really want to take that next step to improving your life (whatever that may look like for you), you go after whatever is needed to get there. Granted, some things may take longer than others due to factors such as time and finances, but where there’s a will there’s a way. And are time and money really standing in your way, or is that yet another excuse?

The important thing is to start – just start. Somewhere. Any little action in the right direction is better than nothing at all. Start over if you have to, that’s still a start. If there is no start, there is no end and maybe you don’t want to achieve that goal as badly as you thought or even said. Simply put – and as cliche as this may sound – if you set your mind to it, it is amazing what you can get done.

So, how badly do you really want to succeed?

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