Don’t wait, CELEBRATE!

You’ve done it!

You’ve accomplished something you set out to do, and you’re feeling pretty awesome. And you know what? You should! Setting a goal is one thing but accomplishing takes a whole lot of commitment. Anyone can say that they’re going to do something, but then to not only do it but feel proud is simply amazing!

So why are you hesitant about celebrating? What’s stopping you from shouting it from the rooftops? How come you’re worried about what others will think or say? You didn’t set a goal and work that hard to worry about others, did you? Who did you do it for? Man, I have so many questions. Just because you’re further along in something than someone else doesn’t mean that you should trivialize your greatness. Your doing well isn’t to highlight their shortcomings or inadequacies. This isn’t about them, it’s about you.

Never let anyone make you feel bad for feeling good.

Just as you’ve learned that it’s important to help yourself, it’s just as important to celebrate yourself. If you’re concerned about if others will respond negatively, then obviously there are some people that you need to remove from your life. Like, yesterday.

The same goes for others; what is the harm in congratulating someone when they share wonderful news with you? What do you lose by saying: ‘omg DUDE good job!’? If you harbour negative feelings towards someone else’s good news, there is some serious self-reflecting that needs to be done.

There is room for us all to grow and succeed. While some healthy competition can be good if that’s your thing, any negative feelings you have may only stunt your growth in the right direction.

Keep your eye on the prize, yes, but there’s room at the top. So, be it you or them – CELEBRATE!

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