Overcome the isolating feeling of being an Entrepreneur

If the thought of asking for help makes you shudder – don’t worry – I totally get it. If you view it as a weakness to have to reach out to someone else and utter the little words: ‘I need your help’, then this article is for you. Have you … Read More

When is the “right” time?

When you say that you’re waiting “for the right time”, what exactly does that even mean? Is your reason valid, or are you hiding behind yet another excuse? And by excuse, I really mean fear being masked by a long list of “not-right-nows“. There’s no time to wait for the … Read More

How much are you worth?

It starts with you. Do you know your worth? How do you treat yourself, and more so speak to yourself? We are not to expect others to treat and speak to us in a certain manner, if we’re not doing it ourselves. When you see your own value and hold … Read More

Is it getting crowded in here?

How would you describe your “tribe”? Does it consist of friends that you see only a handful of times and when you do it feels like no time has passed? Or perhaps they’re the ones that you spend so much time with that it’s starting to feel like you’re meshing … Read More

Don’t wait, CELEBRATE!

You’ve done it! You’ve accomplished something you set out to do, and you’re feeling pretty awesome. And you know what? You should! Setting a goal is one thing but accomplishing takes a whole lot of commitment. Anyone can say that they’re going to do something, but then to not only … Read More

How badly do you want it?

When you say that you want to achieve a goal, what stops you from even starting? The whole point of a goal is to have something to work towards, be it big or small. We set goals for various reasons, and some of them are easier to achieve than others. … Read More