A simple strategy to work through an uncertain time.

Dealing with uncertainty

Uncertainty breeds fear. Emotions are running high, and so is the uncertainty that accompanies living through a pandemic. So what’s worse than dealing with the uncertainty that can come when starting a Business? Working on a Business during an uncertain time.

As we work through this very uncertain time, it can seem like the timing is wrong to do anything. But what do you do then? How do you strategize? What you shouldn’t do, is nothing. It may seem like you have nothing to do having to step away from your usual lifestyle, but this is the perfect time to work on your Business strategy.

Here are some things to consider when you’re coming up with a Contingency plan:

  1. Give yourself time.
    Things have suddenly changed and you may feel like you’re wasting your time. Allow/expect for a few days to adjust to a new routine. In other words, go easy on yourself.
  2. Continue to work with a schedule.
    Are you used to waking up and working trough a routine? Why stop now? Remember, this is only temporary so you want to fall back in sync once a sense of normalcy returns.
  3. Postpone instead of cancel.
    Are there events that you had been planning and then had to pull the plug on? Don’t just cancel the event – postpone with a new tentative date! It may not actually happen then, but you can work towards it and this gives a good reason to stay connected with clients. There is a finality to using the term “cancel”.
  4. Curate content as a means to maintain communication with your clients.
    What are you doing to keep in touch with your client-base? Check in with them; share your own content (new or repurposed) or articles/blog posts that would be relevant. Stay on top of mind.
  5. Connect with existing partners and collaborators.
    The relationships that you’ve built need to be nurtured. Who have you recently connected and/or worked with? What kind of support do they need? Think about what you need from them – now and in the near future.
  6. Work on tasks that are usually menial yet important.
    What have you been putting off? Bookkeeping and other admin tasks usually get neglected. Get on that now that things have slowed.
  7. Is there a freebie that you can offer? What have you been working on? Anything new and exciting that you could provide a preview for? It’ll give a taste of what’s to come.
  8. Usually meet in person? Time to go virtual!
    Social distancing is only physical. If you have service or update to provide, get online! Do a live video or prerecord and create some buzz around the content.
  9. Don’t take things personally.
    You may lose some customers or clients but remember – it has nothing to do with you. People are scared, and that may cause them to pull away. Everyone needs to adjust, and people do this differently.
  10. Remember: you’re not alone.
    We are all in this together – although we may have to distance ourselves. You have a support system – use it. Create your own by reaching out to someone in a similar field since you know what they’re going through.

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