Christen James

Christen N. James | Mindset & Transition Coach

Taking your Mindset

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Does this sound like you?

Are you:
 trying to balance your 9-5 job with  a side hustle?
 recently been laid-off, and ready to be your own boss?
a New Solopreneur spinning your wheels on how to prioritize?

Do you:
– feel afraid, confused, stuck, demotivated, full of doubt or overwhelmed?
need to work on your Mindset to get Clarity to approach your Business Strategically?

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A Virtual Clarity Chat is a 30-min Video Intro with me that is sprinkled with Coaching; we get to know one another and then see how I can support you during your transition.

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CJ’s Story

ep, to most I am known simply as “CJ” – the Tobago-born yogi who loves bright colours (especially purple) and has a knack for finding a positive in just about any situation.

After obtaining my BA in Psychology and a Certificate in Solution-Focused Therapy, I entered the workforce to ultimately become a People Manager and coach my team on their professional development. As I supported each person to confidently apply their newly-discovered skills and take on more fulfilling roles in their careers – while living balanced personal lives – something clicked for me and I returned to school to start my own transition and became a Certified Life Coach!  Soon after I started supporting clients as their Transition Coach, I started to focus on understanding the impact Mindset has on our Professional growth; now it is an important part of what I do.

“Coaching with CJ” means that you will: find your Urgency by working on your Mindset to identify mental blocks, limiting beliefs and other obstacles, deal with feeling overwhelmed, goal-setting, creating action plans, accountability, stay positive during challenges, get strategic and so much more! Sign up for a Virtual Clarity Chattoday to get started!

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How CJ can help you

Together we will work on:
– Mindset and identify obstacles like limiting beliefs and mental blocks.
– Objectives, Goal-setting and creating an actionable Business plan.
– A strategy and system to prioritize and track your tasks
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Coaching + Speaking + Workshops

I aim to help you understand the Impact that your Mindset has on your Business growth.

Coaching Programs

– get clarity to  overcome the overwhelm.
– stay accountable to complete Business objectives.
– find harmony in all areas of your life.
– shift your Mindset to strategically approach your new Business.

Keynote Speaker

– I provide insight to help you to confidently go from Employee to Entrepreneur.
– You will understand the importance of  honouring your Values in your Business.
– I love providing guidance to accomplish effective Goal-Getting.

Signature Workshops

 – Intimate & Interactive
– last up to 3 hours
– presented on-site as well as online
– topics include: 
Goal-setting and Mindset.

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What Clients are Saying

T'kehya P-Cupid

Jenny McKee

“I loved working with CJ! She was a fabulous bouncing block for ideas and kept me on track from not getting to carried away with them all! I recommend CJ for anyone looking to get clarity, focus and direction!”

Jennifer McLennan

Jennifer McLennan

“Christen helped me to see things more clearly. She helped me clean out the clutter so that I could address the issues that were holding me back. Like she told me, she didn’t show me anything I didn’t already know, she just helped me put things into perspective and refocus.”

Stephanie Stone

Stephanie Stone

“Your Chosen Coach is kind and patient. She is warm and considerate. She is supportive and understanding She is insightful, a terrific listener, and very wise. She is Christen James!”

Ashley Sealy

Ashley Sealy

“CJ offered me a unique opportunity to organize my thoughts, priorities and goals in a way that was encouraging and uplifting. Her infectious positivity and encouragement are why she is my chosen coach.”

Online Support

YCC Online PDP
So… What’s Next?

This 6-week Online Personal Development Program is for YOU if:
– You want to start a business or career but don’t know what kind
– You feel like you haven’t found what you’re passionate about.
– You don’t get why you just can’t seem to find motivation to start on anything .

Guess what – you’re not alone! You will take a very in-depth Iook to uncover the tools that you need for your clarity and personal growth so that you can figure “It” out. It includes:

  • Connector.

    3 weeks of Self-Work assignments

    Topics include: Mindset, Goal-setting & Action Plans.

  • Connector.

    3 weeks of Exclusive video content

    Find the drive to set goals that match your passion.

  • Connector.

    Access to YCC Membership Program

    Map out the results that will lead to amazing growth.

Each feature of the Program adds up to $9,000 if offered separately, BUT you can get it all as a package!
REGISTER TODAY for only $597CAD!
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Master Your Mind with CJ.

You are the right fit if you understand how challenging it is to be a Solopreneur!
– Peer-to-peer mentoring from the comfort of your home! You know what that means…. NO excuses!
– members support each other through any challenges and growth using their own experience and insight.
– groups are designed for those who fall anywhere on the Entrepreneurship spectrum – from aspiring to brand new to seasoned – with 2 groups, 2 concepts: Clarity & Accountability Online Mastermind groups. The options are:

  • Connector.

    Clarity Mastermind group

    For aspiring or new Entrepreneurs who need support.

  • Connector.

    Accountability Mastermind group

    For seasoned Entrepreneurs who want business growth.

  • Connector.

    C&A Combined Mastermind group

    For all Entrepreneurs who want to benefit from others.

Sign up if you feel that you are READY to grow with  like-minded individuals and get results in your business.

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