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Christen N. James | Certified Life Coach

About: Christen N. James

o most I am known simply as “CJ”, an island girl who is an advocate for living with a Positive attitude!

After obtaining my BA in Psychology, I went on to get a Certificate in Solution-Focused Therapy and spent several years in the workforce as a People Manager. In that role I coached others on their personal growth and professional development, and watched as they applied the newly-discovered skills with confidence. They not only took on more challenging roles in their careers but also come into their own to live balanced personal lives.

With my love of community service, commitment to personal improvement and the joy it brings seeing others reach their full potential, it was only a matter of time before I became a Life Coach. I understand that it starts with me and find my balance through daily yoga practice on my own Journey to Self-Love. I am pleased with how my personal successes continue to manifest and share what has worked for me to coach others.

It all starts with how you feel about yourself in order to offer the best version of YOU to live a fulfilled life.
Coaching with CJ will get you there!

How it works?

With my guidance, you learn to apply the skills that will get the results you desire in order to live the life that you are meant to live.

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What Clients Say


T’kehya P-Cupid

“My session with Christen was wonderful. She really helped me discover how I feel about my situation, so that I could better confront and improve it. Thanks Christen for a great session”


Jennifer McLennan

“Christen helped me to see things more clearly. She helped me clean out the clutter so that I could address the issues that were holding me back. Like she told me, she didn’t show me anything I didn’t already know, she just helped me put things into perspective and refocus.”


Stephanie Stone

“Your Chosen Coach is kind and patient. She is warm and considerate. She is supportive and understanding She is insightful, a terrific listener, and very wise. She is Christen James!”


Ashley Sealy

“CJ offered me a unique opportunity to organize my thoughts, priorities and goals in a way that was encouraging and uplifting. Her infectious positivity and encouragement are why she is my chosen coach.”

It all starts with making a decision
to live your life with a positive attitude.

1 & Done


1 session
  • 1 session (90-min)
  • selfwork
  • Worksheets
  • Follow up session
    (30 Min *bonus)
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5 Sessions
  • 1 private intake (90-min)
  • 4 sessions
  • Worksheets
  • selfwork
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Self ♥ Workshops


seasonal workshops
  • Up to 3 Hours
  • Small Class Size
  • Interactive
  • New class every season
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